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Musicians and Vocalists
The Doo Band! aka - "The Doo"
The encyclopedic cover band bringing soulful
  vocals and rock solid beats spanning
  genres of Rock, Disco, Motown,
  Retro, 90's and current top 40 hits
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Michael Read
keyboards, vocals, music director
Zanna-Doo!, Ribs N Bone, 4 on the floor, Can You Rock, Annie's Band, Sunday Edition
Phillip Powers
drummer, percussion, acoustic guitar
Zanna-Doo!, Ribs n Bone, 4 on the floor, Can You Rock, Annie's Band, Phlarc, Sunday Edition
Michael Read
Phillip Powers
Musical Director, Keyboards, Vocals
Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
Dave Donahoe
lead guitar, bass, vocals
Zanna-Doo! Ribs N Bone, Can You Rock
Dave Donahoe
Greg Gardner
bass, vocals
Gregory Shock
Klarc Whitson
lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Zanna-Doo!, Phlarc
Klarc Whitson
Anne Balbo
Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Bass Guitar, Vocals
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Lead Vocals

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Zanna-Doo is one of the finest party bands in the country.
Their live performances display a staggering combination of musicianship, energy and showmanship. Zanna-Doo plays a non-stop array of great songs spanning 40 years of pop and rock music, anchored by a massive dose of contemporary hits. In three hours they never stop and the crowd never sits down. In short . . . these guys rock! . . . and the girls rock even more!

     Tom Griswold
      radio host, Bob & Tom Show, syndicated

Without a doubt, Indy's premier "feel good dance band". Always guaranteed to have your group smiling and having the best time.
     Dan McMichael
     owner, Rathskeller

I would definitely recommend Zanna-Doo – our CEO has requested them over and over for events ranging from User Conferences to our ET Holiday Party. Every time they showed up and “rocked the house” – their performance, punctuality, work ethic and overall impression they leave are just fantastic! Even the facility where we held our holiday party mentioned that they loved when Zanna-Doo came in because they just got the party started wherever they went!
     Shon Marie Keesling

I enjoy Zanna Doo because they are all very talented. They always show professionalism but know how to create that “fun” atmosphere that get people on the dance floor.
     Donna Senese

One of my favorite reasons for having Zanna-Doo back each year is the way they interact with the crowd. They become guests of the party as much as the employees and really cater to us and get people involved. They seem to read the crowd reaction and adjust their playlist accordingly.
     Kim Berry

ZannaDoo is the BEST!!! When it comes to weddings, they keep the dance floor full and know how to cater to all age ranges. We had children as young as 3 and adults as old as 85 - and they were ALL dancing the night away. Good sound, variety,entertainment and professionalism - you know what you will get when you book ZannaDoo!

Zanna-Doo played at my wedding (May 16, 2009) and completely rocked the house! I still have friends telling me how much fun they had at our wedding…especially on the dance floor. Nothing is worse at a wedding than an empty dance floor…and that certainly wasn’t the case at my wedding…thanks to Zannna-doo. It was non-stop dancing from 8:30pm – 12am!
     Ryan Foxworthy

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Blonde Entertainment and Zanna Doo for the past 3 years. From set-up through tear-down they are focused, professional, timely, and very efficient at producing great results. They stay very engaged with the guests while keeping the evening fun and entertaining for all. I’ve received many praises about Zanna Doo over the last 3 years, and always look forward to working with them again the following year.
     Marcia Anderson
     Marketing Program Administrator
     Indianapolis Power & Light Company

I've worked with Zanna-Doo! on many special occasions, and the result is always the same - lots of energy, powerhouse vocals, great versatility, tight musicianship, and a packed dance floor every time!
     Bob Ridge

I saw Zanna Do play at the Miller Lite Carb Day Party at IMS this past May. They played to a crowd of over 4,000 and they rocked! I watched the crowd react extremely well to their music. In fact, as a radio sales rep- I am constantly asked to recommend local bands for events and parties- and they were one of the best I have seen. I recommended and booked them for another client this summer. They are a high energy, professional band that has the ability to draw in any crowd. Great fun!
     Brenda Brown
     Clear Channel Marketing
     WFBQ WRZX WNDE 1260 Sports Talk
     Home of the Bob & Tom Show

“Zanna-Doo!, The Encyclopedic Cover Band in Indy”
     NUVO, 12-23-09

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Anne Balbo
lead vocals
Zanna-Doo!, Ribs n Bone, Annie's Band, Sunday Edition
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